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We are an international company, headquartered in California, United States. For more than 15 years we have assisted retailers in the growth of their businesses. Our services provide automation and process control of sales, which create a space for you to improve your business decisions.

About Us

Our services focus on developing solutions and providing the sales management and control that your company needs to succeed. We create user friendly, versatile, safe, and effective software that is able to meet your company's unique needs. Our system is able to adapt to meet requirements and expand current market applications. You can rest assured knowing that we have a team of have highly qualified professionals committed to providing you with the care you deserve.

Our international system serves retailers in many industries such as fashion, jewelry, bookshops, sports stores, music stores, liquor stores, minimarkets, interior design, and more. Give us the opportunity to improve your business operations and facilitate your success for the years to come.


Providing technological solutions that exceed the needs of our customers, enabling them to make competitive business decisions, and propelling them to maximize their profits.


We will be the leading provider of IT solutions, customizable software, and e-commerce for retail companies worldwide.



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A Global Credit Card Processor

ChargeItPro software is a comprehensive and secure credit card processor that easily integrates into the solutions that we offer, or it can be used as a standalone product for your business. ChargeItPro was developed by POS industry experts. With ChargeItPro, service and support for your merchants is available around the clock.

ChargeItPro's Website

Our products


As a team, at Retail Custom Solutions, we specialize in providing competitive advantages for the retail Industry. Our software solutions are created with the latest technology.

Point of Sale

Point Of Sale

In the world of retail, we know there is nothing more important than serving customers quickly and effectively. Point of Sale.Net allows you to do just that. While giving you access to information and tracking what your customers buy, along with when and where they made their purchase, things could not be easier.

Retail Custom Solutions provides a complete system of POS functions that are designed to serve your customers as effectively as possible.

Integrated Platforms

  • Retail Management System.NET
Retail Management System

Retail Management

Allows daily marketing activities with the ability to focus on important decisions that will help you achieve sales goals and identify targets reducing marketing costs.

Retail Management System allows boost the enterprise system and standardize business practices of your organization and improving customer care.

Integrated Platforms

  • Point of Sale.NET
  • Warehouse Management System.NET
  • Magento
Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System is a Warehouse Management Software that offers a wide range of features that let you work efficiently in each of the areas and warehouse processes.

It is to control the movement and storage of products in the store purpose , processing the associated transactions , to determine where to store , where to turn and the sequence in which to perform these operations.

Integrated Platforms

  • Retail Management System.NET


Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) is a way of extending your sales to customers worldwide. Customers can easily access the products and services your company offers through the internet.

E-commerce allows you to keep track of your sales, market planning, and provide a better shopping experience your customers over the internet.

Integrated Platforms

  • Retail Management System.NET
  • Magento
Mobile Apps

POS Mobile

We renew!

With POS Mobile, you can now keep control of your sales, manage your catalog and orders, and display graphical reports all on your mobile device. that enable better decisions sale, streamline processes and increase profitability of your business.

Integrated Platforms

  • IOS
  • Android SDK
  • Windows Mobile
  • Retail Management System.NET
Mobile Apps



This new technological revolution allows you to control and manage your sales, using only your smart phone.

This solution is executed through an Android mobile application. This application allows you to set and meet your sales goals while viewing information from each store in real time. Coming Soon for IOS!

Integrated Platforms

  • IOS
  • Android SDK
  • Retail Management System.NET
  • Point Of Sale.NET

Gift Cards and Reward Cards

The perfect gift!

Gift cards are a perfect and simple gift for your customers to buy for loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and anniversaries. Gift cards allow customers to shop for the things they want, rather than being burdened with the return process.

Reward cards allow you show appreciation for your loyal customers.

Integrated Platforms

  • Retail Management System.NET
  • Point Of Sale.NET

Our Services

We are committed to provide you with professional service to help you achieve and maintain profitability goals.

Our extensive experience in retail ensures success in implementing and managing your system.

Professional Support

Our generation support system allows you to send us tickets via email, to address any issues you might have related to the system.

For years, Retail Custom Solutions has invested heavily in developing the skills and knowledge needed to provide professional services to support a wide range of retail technology needs. Our customers rest assured while they rely on our professional services to cover every important stage of their project. When selecting the type of service that will be best for you and your business, you have the opportunity to select from á la carte as well as packaged options. These options ensure that you receive the service that your business needs in order for you to succeed. Leave it to us to protect your business and provide you with our latest technology updates.

Support Plans

Monthly Support Plan

  • With this plan, a monthly payment is placed by the customer.
  • This plan includes version updates from year to end.

Annual Support Plan

  • Our annual plan only requires one annual payment.
  • With this plan you will receive 10% off of your charges.
  • This plan includes version updates from year to end.

On Call Support Plan

  • Hourly support is available via telephone prior to payment.
  • This plan excludes version updates.

In-house Support Plan

  • With our in house support, a highly skilled system professional will be present in your office daily.
  • The agreed time period of support will vary depending on the needs of your company.

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